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    Discover the value and versatility of Shake, a budget-friendly option for those looking to buy weed o...


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    Forbidden Fruit

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    White Truffle

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    Blue Dream

    Experience a serene escape with the enchanting Blue Dream weed strain, a favorite for those looking t...


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    Northern Lights

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    Cherry Pie

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    Bubba Kush

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    Black LCG

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    Alien OG

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    Purple Urkle

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    Peanut Butter Breath

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    Bubble Gum

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    Apple Fritter

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    Cookies and Cream

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    Fire OG

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    Purple OG

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Want to buy weed online in Youngstown, Ohio?

Your search for a dependable, discreet, competitively priced mail-order directory for weed is over. 1-8oz is the one-stop shop for everyone who is trying to find the best-quality cannabis. We aim to destigmatize the process of marijuana procurement and ensure that people have access to recreational and medicinal weed and related products. You can count on us to connect you to the best weed dispensaries near you.

From flowers, concentrates, CBD, THC, edible, and more, you can browse through a wide selection of products and dispensaries in and around Youngstown, Ohio and choose the one that is right for you. We ensure that you receive 100% genuine cannabis from real growers and local dispensaries at the fairest price. Our best-in-class cannabis assortment ranges from age AA – AAAA+. With inconspicuous packaging and shipping through the mail, ordering weed and related products online has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the medicinal properties of cannabis?

Medical cannabis can have multiple benefits, such as:

Improving the quality of life for individuals in a palliative care setting

Management of nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy

Mitigating chronic pain during cancer

Increase appetite for cancer patients or AIDS patients

Help with epilepsy and other seizure disorder

Help with sleep disorders

Management of musculoskeletal disorders, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and likewise

Help with headaches and migraine

Management of alcoholism and opioid withdrawal symptoms

It is noteworthy to remember that the effectiveness of marijuana for disorders and health problems is limited and inconclusive. Although promising, the medical community needs to investigate the possible medicinal uses of cannabis further.

What does it feel like to be high on cannabis?

Cannabis is famous for inducing a happy, giggly, and euphoric mood among its users. However, it is essential to remember that some of its strains are more energizing and uplifting, whereas others have a sedative effect. The typical sensations associated with the high on psychoactive cannabis are:

Skewed or slowed perception of time

Heavy-feeling movements

Slow-feeling movements



Short-term memory loss

Laughter, giggling, euphoria


Anxiety and paranoia are also possible

Relief from stress

Feeling at ease

Can a breastfeeding person take marijuana?

Breastfeeding persons are advised to avoid marijuana diligently. The effects of using marijuana while breastfeeding remain obscure. However, what is do know is that the chemicals from marijuana can be passed on to a baby through breast milk. In addition, THC, a compound found in marijuana, is stored in the body fat and slowly released over time, implying that a baby could be exposed to marijuana even after the breastfeeding person stops its intake.

What is the shipping policy of

After you place the order from our site and make the payment, we will begin preparing for shipment at the earliest. We wrap the cannabis in scent-free packaging without any indication of its content to maintain top-tier secrecy.

So if you want to buy weed online in Youngstown, Ohio with 1-8oz you must be over 21 years old. If you follow this rule you are welcome! What is next? Now choose what do you like from our catalog, place an order and pay in convinient way. Done! Your online order with real weed will be processed instantly. Using our free shipping you can get your cannabis products in 3-7 business days. Important note: 1-8oz does not deliver to educational institutions, federal lands and other public places with its own restriction. is the top rated cannabis online weed store in Youngstown, Ohio.