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What’s Up in Missouri?

Missouri, with the nickname "The Show Me State" is famous for its tasty barbeque, livestock, and agricultural industry.

Missouri is home to some of the most fertile farmlands in the United States, which makes it rank among the top agricultural producers in the US.

Do you remember the famous writer "Mark Twain"? Yeah, Missouri is his birthplace. There are many other amazing things about Missouri including its riverboat history celebrated annually at the St. Louis Riverfront. But, what about weed delivery services in Missouri? Let’s find out.

Can You Buy Weed Online Missouri?

Although it is illegal to use marijuana for recreational purposes in Missouri, the use of medical marijuana is allowed provided that you’ve obtained a valid ID.

So, if you have a valid ID card as a patient on medical marijuana prescriptions, you can buy medical cannabis online in Missouri.

However, the Missouri legislation allows residents to use medical marijuana with no more than 0.3% THC and 5% cannabinoids by weight–But where can you buy exactly that? Let’s find out.

Order Cannabis Online Missouri

Gone are the days when you need to walk from one street to another in Missouri searching for marijuana dispensary stores.

Nowadays, you can easily get your marijuana delivered to your door by placing an order online from reputable stores like 1-8oz.

1-8oz not only supplies high-quality weed but also makes Missouri marijuana delivery to all cities in Missouri–free of charge.

Best Missouri Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Getting the best-quality weed requires choosing the best marijuana dispensary in Missouri. Sure, many online dispensaries are available, but choosing the best dispensary requires you to consider their integrity, customer reviews, and delivery services.

1-8oz is a unique brand that supplies and delivers high-quality weed of all forms, including edibles, prerolls, flowers, and vapes to all cities in Missouri. We prioritize customer satisfaction and our customer reviews speak for us.

All our products are 100% tested by a certified third-party laboratory, so you’re assured of getting genuine weed from us. So, if you want the best-quality weed at affordable prices, shop with us now.

Most popular cities in Missouri where you can buy cannabis products online

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