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What’s Up in Minnesota?

Minnesota, nicknamed "The Gopher State", is known for its nature conservatories, remarkable ecosystem, and iconic North Shore Scenic Drive–alluring to tourists.

Interestingly, Minnesota has rivers and streams long enough to circle the equator about 3 times–69,200 miles of rivers and streams. But, what about online cannabis dispensaries in Minnesota? Let’s find out.

Can You Buy Weed Online Minnesota?

Purchasing weed in Minnesota is legal for residents and visitors that are at least 21 years old. You are allowed to buy marijuana and hemp-derived products with no more than 5mg of THC content.

However, smoking cannabis for recreational purposes is illegal in Minnesota, you can only use THC products for medical purposes.

Is There a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Minnesota?

Yes, there are many medical marijuana dispensaries in Minnesota. Nevertheless, not all dispensaries are legal and reputable.

When looking for where to buy weed online in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you need to choose a dispensary that supplies genuine weed that have been tested by a state-approved laboratory–and that’s exactly what we supply at 1-8oz.

We have 5-star ratings from our satisfied customers due to our discreet weed delivery system.

We ensure you get exactly what you order online.

Best Online Cannabis Dispensary Minnesota

You may be looking for the best dispensary to buy legal medical marijuana in Minnesota. Look no further, 1-8oz is just the perfect choice for you.

At 1-8oz, we not only supply high-quality weed but also ship weed to all cities in Minnesota. Our delivery services have no boundaries and we can deliver all forms of marijuana including prerolls, blunts, and, top-shelf weed right to your door.

All our products are 100% tested by a third-party laboratory and our satisfied customers speak about our integrity. So, if you need the best-quality medical cannabis in Minnesota, you can shop with us now.

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