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What’s Up in Iowa?

Did you just call it "Ai-o-wah"...Ah Ah... No, call it right, it’s pronounced "Eye-o-wuh".

With the nickname the "Hawkeye State", Iowa is the only state in the US, bordered on both sides by two rivers. Do you know them?–Mississippi and Missouri.

Iowa is known for many exciting things, including a science museum, performing arts centers, botanical gardens, and zoological gardens. But, what about the Iowa marijuana dispensaries? Let’s find out.

Can You Buy Weed Online Iowa?

It is illegal to buy weed for personal use in Iowa, nevertheless, you are allowed to purchase marijuana and CBD products from state-licensed dispensaries for medical use.

What about marijuana consumption? Are you allowed?

Although smoking and vaping weed at any place is prohibited in Iowa, you’re still allowed to use medical marijuana in oral forms such as tablets, capsules, and tinctures.

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana Iowa

Iowa has strict laws against buying weed at any marijuana stores. However, you’re allowed to buy medical marijuana at only licensed dispensaries like 1-8oz.

If you want to buy medical marijuana in Iowa, the state law mandates that you should only buy THC products that have been tested by state-licensed labs–and that’s exactly the kind of medical marijuana we sell at 1-8oz.

Best Iowa Marijuana Dispensary

If you want to buy weed online in Iowa City, Iowa, you may be looking for the best dispensary to buy medical marijuana. 1-8oz is just an ideal dispensary for you to buy high-quality medical marijuana that is 100% tested by a state-approved laboratory. We also make Iowa cannabis delivery to all cities in Iowa.

Being a reputable and licensed marijuana dispensary in Iowa, 1-8oz has many customer reviews that you can check out. So, if you need the best medical marijuana in Iowa, shop from us now!

Most popular cities in Iowa where you can buy cannabis products online

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