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What’s up in Connecticut?

What insect comes to your mind upon hearing the word Connecticut? Cockroach? No... Guess once more... Praying Mantis–perhaps you’re right this time.

Connecticut is a beautiful state known to be a habitat for praying mantis. In fact, praying mantis is considered the "official state insect" of Connecticut. Official?–wow.

What more? Lots...

Connecticut is a home to the first polaroid camera, hamburger, color television, and helicopter.

But, what about marijuana dispensary in Connecticut? Let’s find out.

Can You Buy Weed Online Connecticut?

Are you aware that most states in the US have lifted restrictions on marijuana consumption?–and Connecticut is inclusive.

Surely, it is illegal to use marijuana in Connecticut if you’re below age 21. But, if you’re 21 years or more, you can buy weed online in Connecticut. Nevertheless, you are advised to use cannabis responsibly.

Connecticut drug law allows you to possess not more than an ounce of marijuana. So, enjoy the puffs and get stoned, but don’t forget–just an ounce, nothing more.

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Most popular cities in Connecticut where you can buy cannabis products online

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