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For more than 3 years now we’ve collected genuine and trustworthy reviews from our customers. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best service we can. But our business rivals reached their goal to delete our TrustPilot page with more than 440 reviews. By the way 93% of them were 5 stars. We know the importance of the reputation in such kind of business especially when there are plenty of scammers online. Luckily we have saved all the reviews so you can look at some of them just below and here is a link to screen record of our trustpilot page. Hope you’ll enjoy our service. Reach us via email to get more information if you need. And don’t forget to add our email addresses to your contacts just not to skip any promos and updates!

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We have a large variety of weed strains available. You can surely find something appropriate for your mood or medical necessities. You can use it with weed bongs, weed blunts or make prerolls. Also we have our home-made blunts and weed prerolls made from top shelf marijuana shake with a high percentage of THC. All our marijuana products are Top Shelf. Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strains. Check our store and find the weed strain you prefer most.

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In addition to flower, you can find wide range of weed edibles on our website. We routinely search for and provide the best edibles available. Our aim is to find top shelf products. Today there are a lot of websites and individuals selling poor products. Sometimes such bad marijuana products and weed edibles can cause serious health problems. On 1-8OZ you will find only lab tested weed products. Weed snacks, cookies and other marijuana products.

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We know how difficult it is today to find good service, especially when we are speaking about marijuana products. Day by day we create the best service for all smokers in the USA. No matter in which state you are located. If you a regular weed smoker or you would like to taste marijuana products at first or you need medical marijuana to cope with pain or anxiety you can trust 1-8OZ. Free shipping, fast delivery, Bitcoin accepted. Our 24/7 info center is working to create the best experience for you. We deliver to all states and cities in the USA. You can buy marijuana products in just a few steps: registration and verification, choosing the weed products that you prefer most and then our simple payment process. Then just wait and you'll get your tracking information, followed by your delivery within just days. To find more info, please contact us and we will create this experience together. 1-8OZ is here to provide safe, easy and reasonably priced access to weed. Our main goal is to improve patient's quality of life through our user-friendly online service.