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Tangie Smalls

  • Smalls
  • Top Shelf
  • Sativa
  • THC 22%
  • CBG 1%
  • Terpene: Myrcene
  • Main effect: Energetic

Get a taste of the tropics with Tangie Smalls, a compact and potent version of the popular tangie strain. With its compact size, Tangie Smalls offers the same tangy and sweet flavors in a more convenient form. With its citrus aroma and taste, Tangie Smalls is a favorite among those looking for an energetic and uplifting experience. This active strain provides a cerebral high that can enhance creativity and focus, making it a great choice for on-the-go or quick pick-me-up. With its bright appearance and tangy flavor, Tangie Smalls is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Tags: tangie smalls, tangie strain, compact potent, tangy sweet flavors, citrus aroma, energetic uplifting experience, cerebral high, creativity enhancement, focus improvement, on-the-go, quick pick-me-up, bright appearance, tangy flavor, crowd-pleaser

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