Weed Shake: What It Is and Why You Should Try It

Weed Shake: What It Is and Why You Should Try It


Weed Shake, also known as marijuana shake, is the term used for the bits and pieces of weed that fall off when handling it. Unlike kief, which is made up of trichomes and is very potent, weed shake is just the leftover scraps. However, this doesn't mean that weed shake is bad. In fact, many people enjoy smoking weed shake because it's a cheaper alternative to smoking regular weed. And, because weed shake contains trichomes, it can actually be quite potent. So, next time you're looking to save some money on weed, consider buying weed shake instead.

Dispensaries often have to deal with weed shake - the small pieces of bud that fall off during the trimming process. In a perfect world, they would be able to sell this weed shake as is, but unfortunately, many dispensaries end up just throwing it away. However, there is a way to make use of this weed shake - by combining it with other weed trim and using it to make pre-rolls. By doing this, dispensaries can cut back on wasted materials and give their customers a good product. Granted, weed shake doesn't have the same standards as regular bud, but if it's used in moderation, it can still be a quality product.

What are Shake Weed Benefits?

You may be wondering, why would I buy shake weed? Shake is weed that's been broken up, typically at the bottom of a bag, and it's not as high quality as other weed. However, shake is a great choice for specific uses and it can actually be better than other weed in some ways. Here are some reasons you should buy shake weed:

  • It's usually cheaper than other weed, so it's great for any sort of cannabis-related venture that requires large amounts but doesn't rely on consistency.
  • It can be used just like any other weed, so there's no need to worry about how to use it.
  • It may even be a better choice for specific uses because of its lower quality.

Shake Weed is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a more cost-effective way to enjoy weed. Whether you're making edibles or just rolling a joint, weed shake is a great way to get the same results as if you were using any other weed. The only difference is that weed shake is made up of smaller pieces of weed and often different strains. This makes it less potent than other types of weed, but it's still packed with all the same great flavors and effects.

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