What is a "dub"? Understanding the Meaning and Origins of the Term

What is a "dub"? Understanding the Meaning and Origins of the Term


Are you familiar with the term "dub" but not quite sure what it means? Allow us to shed some light on the subject. Back in the days when marijuana use was illegal and had to be kept on the down low, people came up with various nicknames and terms for the drug. This secret vocabulary helped people conceal their plans and desires. Some of these words, like "broccoli," "grass," and "4:20," are still in use today.

Although times have changed and marijuana use has become more widely accepted, some of these old terms still persist in our conversations today, particularly when talking to friends or buying from a provider. One such term is "dub."

"Dub" can have several meanings, such as an unqualified person or a poor performer. But in the world of cannabis, "dub" refers to a $20 bag of weed, usually purchased from an unlicensed seller. Some sellers may even offer a "dub" for $15, but be warned that you may receive less than a gram in that case. "Dub" can also refer to a much sought-after 20-inch tire rim, also known as double dimes.

Interestingly, "dub" has also made its way into pop culture, particularly in the music industry. Many musicians, from Bob Dylan to Snoop Dogg to Amy Winehouse, have had connections to marijuana and have referenced it in their music. In the reggae genre, "dub" refers to the art of rearranging and isolating elements of individual instrumental tracks to create new works, as seen in the works of artists like King Tubby in Jamaica. However, "dub" does not belong to the EDM sub-genre known as "dubstep."

In conclusion, "dub" is a nickname for a gram of weed that costs $20, but as with many things related to cannabis, it has a fascinating backstory and unexpected connections to art and culture. So there you have it, a little bit more information to add to your knowledge of the world of weed!