What Are Moon Rocks And How To Smoke Them?

What Are Moon Rocks And How To Smoke Them?


The rapper Kurupt and his partner Dr. Zodiak are responsible for bringing moon rocks into the regulated cannabis market in 2014, which he has continued popularizing with Gotti's Goldline since 2019. These focus-fried concentrates contain kief-covered flowers that can be smoked or eaten as an edible snack - it doesn't matter because they're all smooth like silk!

There are many reasons why people love Moon rocks. Most cannabis consumers prefer to smoke flower over other consumption methods, but the added punch of potency provided by concentrates makes them ideal for recreational users with higher THC tolerance or medicinal ones looking for longer-lasting pain relief that's stronger and more intense right away!

How are moon rocks made, and what ingredients are used in them

Moon rocks are made from three simple ingredients: cannabis flower, hash oil, and kief. The difference between them lies in their method of production; some people use the term "cannabis caviar" interchangeably with moon-rocks which contain more than just resin but also food-grade THC as well! So make sure you ask before purchasing or consuming anything that may have this ingredient listed on your label.

Known as some of the most potent pot around, Moon Rocks are typically made with Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) flower and concentrate. The Indica-leaning hybrid averages around 27% THC, making it one strong option if you're looking for something more heavy-duty than your average joint or pipe hit! But while this strain does have a lot going on inside its honored genetics - indica dominant relation between sativa & panty ravers will keep things happy enough during those long nights

How to smoke marijuana moon rocks

Moon rocks are some of the strongest marijuana available, with THC levels upwards to 50%. It's important you pace yourself when smoking them so as not get greened out too quickly and experience negative side effects like paranoia or anxiety from consuming too much.

More than anything else though it's vital that new stoner smokers learn how their body responds differently depending on what kind they take - Some people may be more sensitive while others can handle just about any amount without feeling anything but happiness!

The effects of consuming large amounts THC on an empty stomach can be amplified. Additionally, cottonmouth may occur so keep lots water nearby to avoid lips that feel dry and sensitive from excessive consumption!

Moon rocks are a potent marijuana product that can be smoked in a variety of ways. In this post, we've shown you what are marijuana moon rocks, what ingredients are used in them, and how to smoke them. If you're interested in trying moon rocks for yourself, you can find them in our online catalog. We hope you enjoy this powerful cannabis product!