5 Cannabis Strains That'll Turn Up the Heat

5 Cannabis Strains That'll Turn Up the Heat


How can cannabis enhance your sex life?

Many believe that there's a link between cannabis, romance, and sex. But is there any evidence to back this up? Absolutely. The calming properties of cannabis are perfect for helping people unwind, and the plant is known to enhance sensations like touch and taste.

For men, relaxation can help slow things down and create a more intimate atmosphere. This can increase stamina and lead to a more satisfying experience for everyone involved. For women, the soothing effects of cannabis can boost the chances of achieving orgasm.

Cannabis and Female Sexual Satisfaction

Ladies, are you struggling to reach orgasm or feeling unsatisfied with your sexual encounters? Cannabis could be the answer. Researchers have looked into this, and the results are promising.

According to the study, "the main focus was satisfaction in the sexual areas of attraction, orgasm, lubrication, dyspareunia, and overall sexual experience." Moreover, "women who reported using marijuana before sexual activity were 2.13 times more likely to report satisfying orgasms (adjusted odds ratio = 2.13; 95% CI = 1.05, 4.35) than women who reported not using marijuana."

This research then delved into the specifics of improvements in love relationships and sex, stating: "After adjusting for race and age, women who frequently used marijuana, regardless of whether they used it before sex or not, were 2.10 times more likely to report satisfying orgasms than women who used marijuana infrequently (adjusted odds ratio = 2.10; 95% CI = 1.01-4.44)."

The study concluded that cannabis actually helped improve romantic relationships and sex in women, stating, "Marijuana appears to enhance orgasmic satisfaction. It is important to have a better understanding of the role of the endocannabinoid system in women because the literature is limited, and this could assist in developing treatments for female sexual dysfunction."

Cannabis Strains for Sex

Thus, cannabis can spice up your sex life. But which types of cannabis work best? If you're looking for the perfect strain to set the mood, here are a few proven cannabis strains that can help you with your bedroom game.


In dance, "do-si-dos" refers to a quadrille figure in which two people move forward, go around each other back to back, and return to their places. The Do-Si-Dos cannabis strain can help you make that move in the bedroom. This indica-dominated hybrid may be just what you need to create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic break. Neon green buds with bright orange hairs are enough to stimulate the eyes and seduce the senses. This variety produces a very pleasant floral aroma that helps the body to relax.

Wedding Cake

Who said you can't have your cake and eat it or smoke it? Wedding Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid known to produce a euphoric effect, calming the mind, body and soul. This cannabis strain is known to have high levels of THC, which means a little will go a long way. The taste of Wedding Cake is pleasant and sweet with hints of vanilla. As an added bonus, this variety is also commonly associated with feelings of relaxation, hunger, and arousal.


Any chilled champagne and citrus juice? How about a gorgeous purple, bright green and orange mimosa hybrid? Mimosa is an energetic hybrid cannabis strain with a rich citrus flavor known to help spark energy. The effects of this cannabis variety are described as happy and clear. The energetic, focused and upbeat feelings evoked by this strain make it a great bedroom companion for both men and women.

Northern Light

If you're planning a romantic date and are feeling nervous, you might want some northern lights in your life. This indica-dominated strain is known to help calm the mind, relax muscles and soothe the body, creating an overall feeling of euphoria. The scent is described as earthy, herbal and pine, which will soothe your mind and body and encourage you to be in the moment.

Alaskan Thunderfuck

This sativa-dominated cannabis strain might be just what you need to get it before dawn. ATF will burst into your bedroom, bringing with it thunderous scents of pine and lemon with a stinky funky undertone. Relaxing and intensely euphoric at the same time, ATF ticks all the boxes when it comes to creating a lasting romantic experience.